The Southpointe Chamber was founded in 1993 - We now have 100 video interviews - 35 Quarterly Magazines - 600 Members - 6,700 online subscribers/readers and over 41,000 Readers of our "Southpointe Magazine and Quarterly Report/Directory".  Click to open the magazines below.  We have been voted the 'go to' voice of Southpointe.  We have both 'Private corporation status and non-proft 501c status'.   Oh, don't forget to register for updates and valuable insight to our community below. We answer your questions and you are entered to win a $25 chamber gift card below.

Only $225 yearly
Want to know more? Let's schedule breakfast, lunch or after work to discuss your special requirements. Click or call 724-873-7777

Southpointe Directory and Quarterly Report

Check out the latest editions of Southpointe Directory and Quarterly Report and the Racetrack Road Directory

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